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    Path to Glory

    Buy, build, paint, and play!

Buy and Paint: Earn Credit!

The core of the event is simple: assemble your army and play in the Path to Glory Campaign!

Starting May 1st, any boxes of Age of Sigmar you purchase qualify for the event. If you paint them to a tabletop standard before the July 31st hobby event, you'll receive 20% of the value of the boxes in store credit!

Wondering what boxes to paint? Consult the Path to Glory section of your battletome.

Completely new to the hobby? The staff at the store can help you get started! Just ask and we can point you in the direction of a new army, get you the hobby tips you need, or help you navigate the rules.

But what about the new rules and starter set?

Don't worry, we wouldn't leave out the cool new toys. If you're interested in the new 3rd starter set or any other models you see in the Games Workshop previews, put yourself down on our waiting list as soon as possible to ensure you receive a copy.

You'll be able to use whatever is in the new starter set in our Path to Glory event. Path to Glory is small enough that you should be able to get in by painting a hero and a few units. And it's ok to play with unpainted models, we all know that they are brand new.

We hear that there will be new Path to Glory rules in the new edition. The unit charts and composition will probably stay as it is in your battletome, but we'll probably incorporate most or all of the new rules after evaluating them.

The Path to Glory

Got your models assembled and ready to play? Our play days for this event are on Wednesday night (around 6pm) and Saturday afternoon (around 12pm). These are the two days to meet up with other generals and see who will advance on the Path to Glory.

We are using the Path to Glory rules right out of the 3rd ed rule book. We are starting at the 600 point level.

We have some special tables and scenarios being custom made for this event! We recommend you play "Welcome to Ghur" as one of your first scenarios. Additional scenarios and surprises will be revealed later in the campaign.

Extra rules might pop as we go along. Don't be tied up in winning or amassing glory, in fact, it might come back to haunt you later....

Building a Community

Our goal with the event is to kick off the 3rd edition of Age of Sigmar in style. After we complete the Path to Glory, we should have a decent sized community of Age of Sigmar players ready to go with the new edition.

July 31st will be a big hobby contest event where players can show off their Path to Glory armies. The top prize at the final event is a real treat: we will theme the next Age of Sigmar store table after your army!

Worried about competing? Don't be: there will be plenty of participation prizes at the event. We also usually have a number of secret prizes, like the base with the most skulls, or the model with the biggest weapon.

Share Your Progress!

Please share your hobby progress on our Facebook Group or on our Discord Server. We love seeing pictures of works in progress and swapping hobby tips.

Need Help?

We know ths is a big event with a lot of moving parts. Don't be afraid to ask staff for help or advice if you feel unsure about anything. We are here to ensure you have a fun time invading Ghur in the Age of Sigmar!