Everything Is Beasts (SURPRISE!)

With a strange roar, the "house" at the center of the battlefield comes to life! It was a hidden beast, perhaps animated by housing too much Realmstone. This beast is a massive threat, but also the source of much wealth if it could be brought down.

Replace the regular house model with the animated mimic house model. Any units inside the house model when it is replaced are placed within 3" of the house model by their owner. If possible, units must be placed at least 3" away from enemy units. Each unit ejected from the house takes D6 mortal wounds. The house can no longer be occupied as a piece of terrain.

Keep the same Victory Point totals from the previous scenario, but use the new Victory Point section for future scoring.

Try to avoid playing this scenario if you've found the hidden secret, and you're playing against someone who hasn't discovered it yet. It's more fun if both players discover it at the same time or if both players know about it.

Treat the house model as a predatory endless spell that is wild. No wizard can control the house and the house can't be dispelled. The house model moves 6d6". When the house model finishes moving, any units within 3" take D3 mortal wounds.

The house has 18 wounds, and a 4+ save. It can be attacked as an enemy model. If the house loses all of its wounds, it ceases to move as a predatory endless spell and no longer causes mortal wounds. A house with no wounds left counts as an objective again and will score Victory Points (see below).

The battle ends at the end of the fourth battle round. If one player has 1-4 more victory points than their opponent, they win a minor victory. If one player has 5 or more victory points than their opponent, they win a major victory. Any other result is a draw.

Victory points are scored as follows:
  • At the end of each battle round, the player that controls the defeated house objective scores 3 victory points.
  • At the end of each battle round, if neither player controls the defeated house objective or the house has not been defeated, each player scores 1 victory point.
  • The player who removes the final wound from the house receives 5 victory points.

At the end of the battle, each unit within 3" of the house (whether the house is alive or dead) gains 1 renown point.