Everything Is Beasts

Your warband has been acclimating well to Ghur. You've heard of a cache of Ghurish Realmstone (called the Bones of Amber) in a desolate wasteland nearby. You gather your forces and head out to the wilderness to gather this important resource before rivals can obtain your prize.'

Each player picks an army as described in their Path to Glory rules from the rulebook.

Set up 1 Very Normal House at the center of the battlefield. Surely, this is where the Realmstone must be hidden...

The players roll off, and the winner decides who will command the red warband and who will command the blue warband.

The players then alternate setting up units from their warband one at a time, starting with the player that won the roll-off. Units must be deployed within 3" of the long table edge in that player's territory.

At the beginning of each battle round, starting from the second battle round, roll a die. Add the current battle round number to the result. On the result of 6+, ask an employee what to do.

Victory points are scored as follows:
  • At the end of each battle round, the player that controls the house (as an objective) earns 3 Victory Points. If neither player contols the house as an objective, each player scores 1 victory point.

The battle ends at the end of the fourth battle round. If one player has 1-4 more victory points than their opponent, they win a minor victory. If one player has 5 or more victory points than their opponent, they win a major victory. Any other result is a draw.