Operation: Two Thin Coats

Operation: Two Thin Coats

Get ready for the release of the new Kill Team system with Operation: Two Thin Coats. Paint up a Kill Team and earn store credit!

The Mission Briefing

Purchase one or two boxes of Warhammer 40k minis between Aug 20th and Aug 31st to begin assembling your team. Your objective is to paint a legal Kill Team to a Battle Ready standard. The mission ends on Oct 2nd. Post pictures of your completed teams in the appropriate store Discord channel to score the objective. If you complete the mission, you will receive up to 30%* of the value of your boxes as store credit!

The Gritty Details

Limit one Kill Team. Limit two boxes. Applies to in stock merchandise only, no special orders other than the new Octarius box set. Purchase period is Aug 20th-Aug 31st. Battle Ready paint standard is defined by Games Workshop. Contact the store if you need help getting on Discord and posting photos. 

*30% applies to individual boxes only. If you decide to paint one of both kill teams from the Octarius box set, you will earn $10 in store credit for each kill team painted. If you paint a kill team from a combo box set (for example, Hexfire or a Combat Patrol) then you will earn 20% of the retail cost of the unit box sold separately. For example, you puchase Combat Patrol Space Marines and use 5 Primaris Infiltrators from that box to paint a Kill Team. You would earn 20% of $60 (the normal cost of a box of Primaris Infiltrators) in store credit which is $12. 


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