New Year, New Army!

New Year, New Army!

Let's get the hobbying started early this winter with New Year, New Army! We've done hobby events like this in the past, but this one is bigger and more rewarding than any that we've done before. The short version: paint models you purchase at the store (any models, even board games) and earn store credit!

The Details

  • Purchase boxes of models, individual models, board games with miniatures, or even D&D minis. Purchases must be made between Oct 31st 2020 and Feb 28th 2021 from Mishap Games and tied to your Misadventurers Guild account. Special Orders qualify as well.
  • Paint those models! Models must be painted with at least 4 colors. Painting must be done between Oct 31st 2020 and Mar 31st.2021.
  • Earn store credit for complete boxes of miniatures that you paint! Earning store credit works like this:
    • You must complete painting of a "box" for store credit. A box is any complete miniatures purchase, whether a single d&d miniature, an entire boardgame, or a wargame unit. If it's purchased together, the minis must be painted together for store credit.
    • The first box you paint earns you 5% back in store credit.
    • The second box you paint earns you 15% back on both boxes in store credit.
    • The third box you paint earns you 25% back on all three boxes in store credit.
    • You can paint more boxes for store credit! The maximum percentage is 25% and there is a limit of 6 boxes.
  • Gaining store credit is done through posting a photo (or more!) of  your newly painted miniatures on one of the Mishap Games Facebook Groups or the Mishap Games discord.We will note down your accomplishment. Store credit will be added at the end of the painting period, on or about March 31st 2021. You must post photos of your finished miniatures to receive store credit. Photos must be posted before the end date of March 31st 2021.

Whew! That's a lot of rules but we weren't kidding about this being a big hobby event. Be on the lookout for some participation updates from your Mishap Games employees as well.


  • While the event is called New Year, New Army, it's a great deal for board gamers as well. There's always a stack of $100 adventure boardgames with loads of minis to paint and this is a perfect excuse to start learning over the holidays.
  • For role-players, this is also a great reason to paint up minis for your whole group's adventuring party. Or perhaps you are a GM who wants to paint up a special encounter for your unsuspecting players.
  • Pace yourself: you could earn a boatload of store credit by painting 6 $170 GW collector sets, but that's an almost impossible amount of plastic to paint.
  • Set aside time for painting, and don't start too early. The goal is to have hobby momentum build up over the holidays and into the new year. We almost started the painting window of time in December but figured it'd be better not to limit it. Relax through the fall, plan out your purchases, and charge into the new year with paint brushes flying!
  • Don't forget to post those photos! No exceptions, you have to post the photos to earn the credit. If you're a Facebook objector, we have a pretty good hobby group on our discord.
  • Feel free to post progress photos, plans, thoughts, and other things on our social media. We always love to see how folks progress.
  • Stuck? Ask for help at the store. Not just hobby help, we can also help you plan out purchases for maximum impact on your game.
  • Just started painting? Again we can help you out at the store. We aren't running tutorial classes during the pandemic but we are happy to proivde individual help as needed.

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