*New Warlord Game -- Test of Honor: Samurai Mini Game*

Product Spotlight: Test of Honor -- The New Samurai Miniatures Game

In new skirmish wargame from Warlord Games comes a swift and bloody battle between two players with 5-20 models on each side. Players can select a samurai hero as their main force before each game along with two loyal samurai companions, and an array of clan soldiers. Players alternate in acting with one of their soldiers, moving and fighting them to achieve the objective they have at hand. Objectives can range from cutting down an enemy, defending an outpost, or finding and protecting a spy. Playing through the scenarios, samurais gain and are able to use new skills -- along with having a difficult choice to make: to choose the path of deceit and trickery, or one of goodness. Such decisions are the ultimate "Test of Honor" resulting in victory for Samurai players. Which will you choose?

Test of Honor: The Samurai Miniatures Game is available now at Mishap Games for $49.99.

We also carry the Miniature Expansions for this game including Pauper Soldiers, Samurai Warbands, Ronin, Mounted Samurai, Masked Men, and Special Dice. 


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