ROCKALYPSE: an RPG of Post-Apocalyptic Musical Conflict

Rock-on with Rockalypse the Role-Playing Game!

Instead of fighting or shooting, Rockalypse from The Fate Core allows players to defeat their foes with Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Rhyme. In this world, the monsters you fight in your epic adventures powered by rock include aliens, demons, mutants, and megacorps --  all of which can be decimated by a face-melting guitar solo! You can also choose from a list of different scenarios, or even mash them up in to a combination of apocalypses. These scenarios include: the Wasteland: a classic post-apocalyptic ruined desert, Aliens from Dimension X: An Alien Infestation/Takeover, Streets of CyberCity: Fighting the Megacorps for Survival, Pandemonium: A Hell on Earth (literally), and Rock and Roll High School: The Worst Apocalypse of them all!

Rockalypse is available at Mishap Games starting today for $24.99 -- and it includes the rules for both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated in the book.

Come pick up your copy and rock-on today!


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