Become Master Munchkin in Munchkin Panic!

Munchkin Panic: Defend and Backstab together!

In this semi-cooperative mashup of the popular games Munchkin and Castle Panic, 1-6 players negotiate and combine cards with eachother to slay Munchkin monsters -- which have found and are attempting to destroy the Castle Panic towers! Earn trophies from the slayed monsters, along with treasure to the victor with the highest points -- as you work together with other players just enough to stop the onslaught of the castle. However, players also need to backstab their play mates enough to be named the Master Munchkin! This game is an interesting mashup of two great board games, as the card combinations are created by a unique mix of both decks in Munchkin and Castle Panic. If players become greedy and don't balance out cooperation and their own self-interest, the monster will destroy the castles to dust. This game also includes a More Munchkin Mini Expansion, along with the Gameboard, a Rulebook, 45 Castle Cards, 28 Treasure Cards, 39 Monster Tokens, a Monster Bag, 6 Walls, 6 Towers, 2 Fortify Tokens, 1 Flask of a Glue Token, 1 Munchkin D6, and 6 Reference Cards. Who will be victorious on your next Board game Night?

Find out in the popular board game Munchkin Panic, available at Mishap Games today for $39.95.

Ages 8+ recommended.

45-60 Minutes


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