*Preview the NEW Warhammer 40k: 8th Edition*

Its finally here! New Indexes, Rulebook, and Miniatures for Warhammer 40k: 8th Edition.

Unfortunately these shiny new 8th Edition Books and Mini's are NOT available to purchase until the 17th. However, we do have all 5 new Indexes, the Official Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Advanced and Core Rulebook, and the new Dark Imperium Miniatures on display for you to view and plan your new army! Come and preview the new books -- peruse through the changes with other eager Warhammer enthusiasts while you discuss and plan accordingly for the new launch. The shocking news for a new edition came about a month ago, where Games Workshop announced they would be nixing 7th edition in favor of new and improved Rulebook, Codexes, and Miniatures -- hopefully fixing and heeding the majority of fan issues with it's predecessor.

Come check out the NEW edition on display at Mishap Games while you wait for the 17th -- when you can reserve your copy and play the newest and improved version of Warhammer 40000!


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