Explore Unlock! Escape Adventures -- The Coop. Card Game with an App!

What's this all about? Apps and Card Games?

Unlock! Escape Adventures is a Cooperative card game featuring 2-6 players and is inspired by ecape room games (where you must finish the game within 60 minutes). Players can search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles using just the cards in the box and the free Application for your smart phone -- providing an interesting and modern twist to a card game. Using the app, players can check codes, provide clues, and monitor time remaining, etc. There are 3 versions of this game players can choose to buy, which means three separate scenarios that you can explore!

(See the different Expansions below:)

The Formula 

In this scenario, players enter a secret laboratory so they can recover a mysterious serum developed by a scientist. Can you solve the riddles and escape the laboratory within an hour?

Squeek and Sausage Scenario

In this captivating scenario, players plan to thwart the evil plans of a despicable Professor Noside. This scenario also needs to be solved within 60 minutes.

The Island of Doctor Goose Scenario

In this adventure, players must visit the island of an eccentric antique collector billionaire -- and overcome the traps and obstacles of his island!

Unlock! Escape Adventures is definitely an interesting and modern approach to Family Card Game Night, and it includes a Rulebook, Tutorial (10 cards), and 60 Playing cards.

All expansions are currently available at Mishap Games for $14.99! Come and pick up your favorite (or all of them) today.

Ages 10+

2-6 Players

Approx 60 Minutes


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