The World of Yo-Ho -- The Modernization of a Video / Board Game Hybrid

Yo-Ho: War of the Orchids -- A Video / Board Game Hybrid

The World of Yo-Ho: War of the Orchids is an unconventional board game that brings the exciting world of Pirates to life by linking your smart phones. That's right, this new and definitely unique game from Volumique and Iello LLC combines interactive elements of video games with the tanglible elements of modern board games. The World of Yo-Ho consists of 2-4 players, allowing your friends and family to plunder and swashbuckle with you. This game also features a gridded game board map with the free smart phone app that turns players phones into steerable pirate ships. Don't let that scare you though, this game is very easily configured and also includes 4 Captain and Ship Cards, 4 Captain Tokens (that fit in to Ship Figures), 4 Ship and Captain Suction Cups, a Rulebook, and a Map Game Board. Players can explore the mysterious world of intelligent animals, lost islands, wild magic, and even tactical naval battles where they can engage horrific sea monsters -- all in the pursuit of fortune and glory. Will you join the fight as a bloodthirsty pirate, or will you be a defender of innocent and peaceful merchants?

Find out with The World of Yo-Ho: War of the Orchids, available at Mishap Games for $59.99.

Recommended Ages: 8+

Approximately 45-90 Minutes of playing time.


Compatible with:


-Iphone 3GS and higher

-iPod Touch 3rd generation and higher

-iPad 2 and higher (only in single phone mode)

-iOS 5.1.1 and higher


-Screens between 3.5 and 5.0 inches

-Android 2.3 and higher


-Tablet (only in single phone mode)


*Requires a Wi-Fi internet connection (one phone may be used as a hotspot).*


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