**Polaris: RPG -- Explore the Post-Apocalyptic Underwater Sci-Fi World**

Polaris: The Roleplaying Game -- A Dystopian Underwater World

In apparently one of the most popular RPG's in Europe, Polaris has undergone a few editions since it's first release in 1997. However, thanks to a successful KickStarter campaign for the US, we were finally able to score a few copies in English. The word of Polaris is a cold, dark, and underwater place. The surface of the Earth has been deemed uninhabitable, forcing mankind to flee beneath the waves to survive. Fighting ensues after decades of dwindling resources -- and it seems as if the real apocalypse is near until a mysterious phenomenon known as the Polaris Effect occurs: giving seemingly random individuals powers that science is unable to justify. The game starts shortly after this all transpires -- where players are able to choose their role as one of the following types: mercenery, pirate, soldier, or doctor. Players are also a part of the Cult of the Trident -- where they are able to readily manipulate the Polaris Effect. Groups are able to align themselves with already settled factions around the globe, or adventure the seven seas. But beware: there are other creatures that loom beneath the surface: including allies and foes.

Polaris is available and in-stock today at Mishap Games for $89.90 -- which includes the 2 Core Rulebooks. 

Age 16+ Recommended. 


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