Time to Squad Up

Time to Squad Up

Time for another painting contest at Mishap Games! The theme for this painting contest is any related group of miniatures, whether it's a squad, unit, RPG party, boardgame collection, or diorama.

To Participate

Purchase any set or group of miniatures from the store starting 5/17/2020. This could be a unit for Warhammer 40k, a few RPG miniatures to form a party, a set of adversaries from a boardgame, or anything along those lines. Then, paint the models! You can special order your item, but please get your orders in early.

Do you want to build a diorama for your unit? Great idea! If we have enough diorama style entries, we'll split those off into a separate category. Another great idea is a Start Collecting for the new edition of Warhammer 40k coming soon. Also, the Skyrim miniatures game should be arriving mid June and would be an excellent entry.

The Rewards

Everyone who participates by getting at least 4 colors and a finished base (if your model is the type with a base) on their models will receive 20% off a single item of the same value or less of the items they purchased and painted. Drop your models off at the store by July 4th and leave them. We'll photograph the entrants and judge them. Prizes in store credit for the top finishers, categories will be determined by the number of entrants. We also have a list of secret prizes. They will be similar to: "Orange you glad you chose this color?" If you paint a model that's mostly orange, win $5 in store credit.

Small Print

Wonder if your unit idea is acceptable? Ask an employee. Because of social distancing, judging will be a bit different than our normal procedure. If we receive a small amount of entries, the judging will be done by employees. Wit ha large amount, we'll photograph the entries and might do online voting. Want to paint a single unit of a big combo box of models? Store credit is prorated by the proportion of the box painted. For example, if you purchase a $100 starter box with 4 units and paint 1 unit for entry, you would receive $5 in store credit. One entry per person for this contest please.



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