Store Updates, Redeem your 19% Store credit, New Paint Contest

Store Updates

Our store hours are still 3pm - 6pm every day of the week. We are still trying to stream before opening hours but are shooting for about 1-2 streams per week. We are watching the level of traffic and sales and plan on expanding hours as soon as it is needed.

Many people have been asking when the game center will be open again. We are planning on obeying the VA state government rules and recommendations. We aren't quite sure if the game center should be classed similar to a restaurant or an entertainment venue, but both of these establishment types remain closed to the public for inside table service.

Suppliers are back! We've received shipments from all of our suppliers this week. Going forward, we expect regular shipments but with some delays for reduced warehouse staff. Instead of weekly orders, it's looking like we might be getting shipments every other week for some suppliers.

Since the retail side is being supplied, we've ended our weekly sales rotation. Be on the lookout for some deals coming forward in summer though. 

Store Credit 19% Redemption

It's time to redeem your 19% store credit for painting models during the lockdown. You have a two week period from today to Jun 6th. To redeem your store credit, post pictures of the models you painted that qualified for the event  to one of our three Facebook groups: if you painted RPG stuff, pist to the RPG group, board games posted to the board game group, and miniature games posted to the mini games group. Along with the pictures of the models, make sure to mention the items that you painted. We'll add the store credit to your account based off of the post in a day or two. Don't have facebook? Get digital photos of the models to the store, along with a list of the items painted and we'll post it for you.

Time to Squad Up

There's a lot of exciting games arriving this year and while we might still be in lockdown, we want to help people with hobbying in anticipation of future gaming. Mishap Games is announcing a new painting contest for squads, units, or groups of minis. To participate, purchase any miniature game squad or unit kit, board game with miniatures, or individual RPG minis to make up a party (or bad guy squad) and paint them before the deadline. Purchases are valid between 05/17/2020 and 06/20/2020. Additional rules, prizes and other info will follow in a more detailed announcement. But if you are familiar with our past contests, expect a healthy participation prize for completing your squad!


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