Quarantine Updates

Quarantine Store Update

  • We are already in compliance with the social distancing guidelines laid down by Governor Northam and will continue to limit customers to 10 and disinfecting everything.
  • The store will remain open. Hours have been reduced to 12pm-6pm
  • Unfortunately all of our distributors and manufacturers have closed down this week. This means that the scheduled Saturday GW releases (like the new Space Wolf v Ork box) have been delayed. Do not worry, we will get your preordered product as soon as the warehouses are open again. This also impacted the new wave of wizkids unpainted minis and the PolyHero Rogue that were expected this week. It seems like they will be down for at least a month.
  • Restocks and special orders are also impacted by the distributors shutting down. Please continue to place them through our website and we will get them all in a big batch when they reopen.
  • We will continue to comply with government recommendations.
  • Be on the lookout for some hobby live streams and activities!

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