Magic: The Gathering - Amonkhet Deckbuilder's Toolkit


Amonkhet's Deckbuilder's Toolkit -- What's it all about?

If you're looking to just get in to Magic: the Gathering, you might want to consider buying the new Deckbuilder's Toolkit from the new expansion: Amonkhet. With no two toolkits being alike, each box contains 285 cards at your disposal -- with the ability to create multiple Magic: The Gathering decks. Each set contains 100 land cards (20 of each type from Amonkhet), 40 semi-randomized cards aimed at building different decks, four 15 card booster packs (two from Kandalesh Block and two from Amonkhet), and among these, 12 exclusive Amonkhet cards that can't be bought from regular booster packs. This set also contains a Deck Builder's guide to building the best Magic decks, a Magic quick reference card, and a Card Storage Box. 

The Deckbuilder's Toolkit for Amonkhet is available now at Mishap Games for $19.99.

Ages 13+ Recommended.


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