**The Scarcrag Snivellers - Goblin Blood Bowl Team Miniatures - Released TODAY!**

Goblin Blood Bowl Team Miniatures - The Scarcrag Snivellers - Available Today!

If you're into Blood Bowl (the original game of Fantasy Football) and enjoy a little challenge, creating a goblin team of Scarcrag Snivellers may be for you. Goblins are cheap, weak, and easy to break-- however they do hold an advantage by having the most access to secret weapons: including, but not limited to pogosticks and chainsaws. They also have the ability to employ two troll players to help harden their team up on the line of scrimmage, as well as giving the threat of a one-turn touchdown. Goblins are also known for giving bribes to referrees to they can keep their weapons on the pitch, and they are cheap enough to be able to have an entire bench of substitutes. Though not recommended for beginners to Blood Bowl, goblin teams seem to be a great and diverse way to have challenging and fun games of Fantasy Football. 

The Scarcrag Snivellers become available today (Saturday the 20th) at Mishap Games for $35.00.



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