**Build the Greatest Theme Park with Unfair!**

Compete against your friends with CMON's New Board-Game Unfair!

Our newest KickStarter board game success comes from Good Games Publishing and CMON for a wild ride of betrayal and fun of building a theme park. The game Unfair consists of 2-5 players, bringing a competitive game of 8 rounds where you build a theme park, and get event cards to hinder your opponents progress. Coming with an angle of customization for a normal board game, players are able to choose from their favorite themes: Pirate, Robot, Vampire, Jungle, Ninja, and Gangster. You can build attractions and upgrade them with blueprints, create skyscraper-tall rides, or even make the most cash to win. Players need to be wary of eachother -- as your opponents may pay off the safety inspectors to shut down your rides, or even hire thugs to vandalise your park! The game lasts from approximately 50-125 mins, with a recommended age of 14+.

Come pick up Unfair at Mishap Games for $49.99 today! 


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