Shadow War: Armageddon Campaign Kick-Off!

**Shadow War: Armageddon Campaign Kick-Off Event** Saturday - 5/13/17

The official kick-off for Mishap Games' Shadow War Campaign was on Saturday, May 13th from 12 PM - 6 PM. Players got to experience the brand new beautifully painted terrain (by the Mishap Staff, thanks Travis!) in the games room. If you missed out, don't worry! This campaign is ongoing, with official play dates being Saturdays and Mondays for a $5 entry fee for your first game. It will be a very short campaign, only lasting about a month with every Saturday except the first containing a special narrative mission. Players will begin with a standard 1000 point kill team, keeping it casual, and are able to run multiple kill teams. Prizes will be awarded based on participation -- if there is no winner after week 4, the player with the most promethium caches will be declared the winner. For more information, please see Monday's Event page for Week 1 here.

**We are also running a raffle for a new Warhammer 40k Army! Players can improve their chances of winning a raffle drawing by Playing in Tournaments, Participating on Campaign days, Purchasing a box of Warhammer 40k (With a value greater than or equal to $25), Painting a Shadow War Kill Team, or by playing an Age of Sigmar game against a Tale of 4 Warlords player.**




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