** Beyblade Tournament - Saturday - 5/6/17 **

**Beyblade Tournament - 5/6/17**

Hey guys! We had a HUGE turn-out for the Beyblade Tournament on Saturday, with over 25 people from all over the country! A huge thanks to all who showed up and supported us, players of all ages had a blast competing against eachother and fulfilling their ultimate passions to "let it rip". Admission was just $10.00 and players were awarded for accomplishments such as who drove the farthest, and of course, more importantly -- winning the competition. A limited edition Excalibur layer was given to the winner of the tournament, along with many support prizes for other players. Here's some great photos of the event -- make sure you check out our Event page for other exciting "Mishaps" (which you can view, create, and sign up for here). You wouldn't want to miss out on **more** gaming and fun at Mishap Games



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