Games Workshop's New Shadow War Armageddon - Available Saturday 5/6/17

Shadow War: Armageddon - Available this Saturday May 6th!

If any of you happened to play Games Workshop games in the 90's, you may remember a popular and exciting release by them called Necromunda. A sci-fi gang warfare game with lasguns and krak grenades -- a standalone miniatures game based on Warhammer 40k: 2nd edition. Since then, Games Workshop has been quite busy, not only with the upcoming release of 8th edition for Warhammer 40k, but also in their new release in the mean-time: Shadow War: Armageddon, based on the nostalgic classic game Necromunda. The ruleset is nearly the same as before, with a few slight modifications here and there. Shadow Wars is a fast paced old-school game that uses a quality (and detailed) rulebook, two factions, templates/dice, fantastic terrain, and gorgeous sculped miniatures (not included). If you pick up a copy of Shadow Wars: Armageddon at Mishap Games this month, you'll recieve a bonus limited-edition exclusive wristband of all the factions! We also carry a huge supply of Warhammer 40k miniatures in our store, along with gorgeous terrain tables which are used to play the game.

Here are some upcoming events at Mishap Games for Shadow War: Armageddon:

Saturday 5/6 - Shadow War Campaign Practice Day - 12PM - 6PM

Saturday 5/13 - Shadow War Campaign Kick-Off - 12PM - 6PM

Monday 5/15 - Shadow War Campaign Week One - 6PM - 10PM

Saturday 5/20 - Shadow War Campaign Week Two - 12PM - 6PM

Check our Event Page for more! We have more Campaign Events to sign up for along with an exciting Tournament in June.

Make sure to check the Event page and sign up early! Come pick-up your copy of Shadow War: Armageddon on May 6th. 




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