End of the Year Painting Contest

Painting Contest

Mishap Games is having a painting contest to celebrate the end of the year and the launch of the new location!

To participate: Purchase any miniatures from the store starting Oct 20th. This could be something for Warhammer 40k, a RPG miniature, a piece from a boardgame, or any other miniature or set of miniatures. Then, paint them! 

You can special order your item, but please get your orders in early. What could you paint? A single miniature with a fancy base, a squad for Kill Team, a whole army, or even your favorite board game you never got around to painting.

The rewards: Everyone who participates by getting at least 4 colors and a finished base (if your models are the type with a base) on their models will receive 20% off a single item of the same total value or less of the model kits they purchased. On Sat Jan 4th 2020 at 12pm, bring your model in for judging AT THE NEW STORE!  Prizes in store credit for the top finishers, categories will be determined by the number of participants. We also have a list of secret prizes. In the past we have used special prizes such as : "Orange you glad you chose this color?" If you painted a model that's mostly orange, you won $5 in store credit.

Small print: You don't have to be present on Jan 4th to win the participation prize or the judging prizes, but some of the secret prizes are for in-person winners only. All models entered will be photographed and put on the website. Winners have the option of leaving their model in the display case for a period of time.


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