Check-out the New RP Game "My Little Pony: Tales of Equestria"!

The New My Little Pony: Tales of Equestria.. What's it all about?

The Tales of Equestria Storytelling book is a Co-op Role Playing Game where you and your friends (2-6 players), guided by the hands of a Game Master explore the land and adventures of Equestria as Pony heroes. Using pen and paper and the full-color 152 page hardback rulebook, players are able to conquer character creation, scenarios, and play -- and ultimately bring the fun and exciting universe of My Little Pony to life. With core skills and special abilities, players are able to venture deeper in to the world of Equestria with their own personally created character: forging magical friendships and personally shaping the world with every action taken. The game is also expanding, with promise of future adventure books, character cards, and game tokens from River Horse and Shinobi 7.

At only $34.99 from Mishap Games, you too can explore this family-friendly all inclusive Role Play Game of Friendship and Magic.

To learn more about this game from Ninja Division's website, click here.


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