*New Arkanaut Frigate Mini for Age of Sigmar - On Sale Saturday 4/22!*

Arkanaut Frigate

Come check out a first look of the exclusive Arkanaut Frigate model (of the new Kharadron Overlords from the Duardin faction) from Warhammer! This new set for Age of Sigmar contains the components necessary to create a beautifully sculpted miniature ship for your army. It includes a Duardin Captain and Crew Miniatures, and allows customization for either a heavy skycannon or skyhook front-facing main weapon. This set also includes a 120mm Citadel Oval base, with a new style 50mm ball and socket flying stem. Smaller than an Ironclad and larger than a Gunhauler, the Frigate dominates the skies with its use of sky weaponry. For more information on this model, or other new releases from Warhammer this week, click here.

The Arkanaut Frigate will be available at Mishap Games this Saturday the 22nd for $80.00.


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