The Battle for Terrinoth begins in Fantasy Flight's New RUNEWARS Miniature Game


A brand new release by Fantasy Flight Games is a two-player battle of epic proportions set in the Runebound universe. Runewars is a game of conflict between two major powers of Terrinroth -- Waiqar the Undying: a legion of the undead who have crossed into Terrinoth; and the Daqan Lords: a valiant army of generals, warriors, and golems defending the border territory of Roth's Vale. In each game, you and your opponent will gather an army of miniatures and tactically lead them into battle. Using blocks of infantry, calvalry wings, monstrous rune golems, and carrion lancers you can decimate your opponent's formation (if it's lesser than yours, of course). With command tools, two distinct factions (and more in develoment), and over a million ways to customize your experience-- Runewars is bound to offer you an unparalleled experience when it comes to miniature gaming. This set also includes 48 beautifully detailed unpainted figures. 

For more information on gameplay, rules, expansions, and tournaments, click here.

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