Spring Store News Update

Spring Store News Update!

I wanted to give everyone an update on store news as we reach our 2 year anniversary on April 1st. I've broken up the list into general news and a section for each type of game.

General News

  • Mishap Games will have an ecommerce store soon! Now, this won't be a typical web store. You can't actually pay online, instead it lets you reserve items for payment and pick up in store. You'll be able to see inventory levels and special order or reserve items that we normally stock. With stage 2, we will import our distributor items, so you can actually special order without having to type the names. And yes, after May 3rd, you'll be able to order Games Workshop.
  • We've mostly completed the table build out for the game center. Next on the improvement list: decorations and improvements to the painting center. We also hope to refinish the second bathroom this year.
  • We are still holding out hope that the grip-mats for the card/board game tables will arrive.
  • Along with the web store, we will be continuing to improve the Mishap Games web site.

Miniature Game News

  • We've created a plan for organized miniatures play that will hopefully prevent people from being pulled in too many directions
  • Warmahordes: Travis is leading a group of players to the Iron Throne! He will be scheduling tournaments and other fun events on the road to victory. Check out the Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/2592 and the next tournament here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/2591
  • Infinity: Zach and the infinity crew are traveling much the same path! They are headed to the NOVA open and are scheduling events to support that. Get on board with the next bootcamp here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/2588
  • 40k: Big news for 40k players with the impending release of Shadow Wars. This new game is very similar to the old Necromunda but with 40k factions. We will be running  the Organized Play kit in April-May and it looks to be a blast.
  • Age of Sigmar: Myself, Travis, Chris, and David R are embarking on a Tale of Four Warlords with a rapid expansion league. We will be adding 500 points a month if you would like to build and play along with us.
  • Bolt Action: Tournaments! The next one is here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/2599

Board Game News

  • Look for additional scheduled Board Game events. We have signed on with a number of event programs like Asmoplay.
  • We have signed up to sell Broken Token board game organizers. We will receive our initial shipment soon!
  • We are an offical CMON vendor now. We are participating in their demo program, Organized Play program (called CMON Play), as well as all of their kickstarters going forward. If you would like to order their new Rising Sun kickstarter, if you purchase it through us you will receive all of the kickstarter rewards without having to pay the $15 shipping! If you've already pledged, you can cancel or reduce your pledge down to $1 and order through us.
  • International Table Top Day is approaching! Sign up here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/1427

Card Game News

  • Magic: Big magic push incoming with the release of Amonkhet.
    Sign up to our open house here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/1527
    Sign up to our Sunday prerelase here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/1529
    Sign up to our Sunday release weekend draft here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/1530
    Sign up to our first Sunday Standard Showdown here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/1531 and for a lot of Sundays afterwards!
    Sign up to our first Sunday Amonkhet League Day here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/1540 and for a lot of Sundays afterwards!
  • Ashes is back! We've received a cool tournament series kit that will determine the fate of the next character. Look for events to be scheduled soon
  • Loose packs of Modern Masters 2017 are $9.99 and we still have plenty of sealed boxes at MSRP.

Role-Playing Game News

  • Free RPG Day is this summer. Sign up here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/1374
  • We are adding Adventurers League events as fast as we can. Check the calendar often!
  • When Starfinder releases, we will participate in Starfinder Society Organized Play. If you would like to volunteer as a GM, let the store know. 

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