Kill Team Campaign Month 1 Results

We had a fun first month with a lot of Kill Teams on the Board. To compete for these awards players had to complet 4 games by the end of Month 1. So with out further ado.....

Our number 1 Kill Team is currently Chris N. with his Harlequins. He has yet to lose a game and has 34 total resource points. He will get to take home The Bronze Challege Coin and Bronze Harlequin Faction Button.

Next up is Jerelle H. and his Dark Angel Space Marines. Jerelle came in and played 3 games in the last week and has a total of 33 resource points at the end of month 1. He takes home the Bronze Space Marine Faction Button.

Jarrett (Fluff) L. also came in during the last week to play his remaining 2 games with his Tyranid Kill Team. They have a total of 31 resource points earning the Bronze Tyranid Faction Button.

Travis T.'s Astra Militarum also has a total of 31 resource points and he will bring home the Bronze Astra Militarum Button.

Great job guys for representing your faction well in the Grim Dark Future.

Everyone else, Come out and play some games, earn some swag! This game and campaign system totally allows for people, that have been busy (or miss month 1 for whatever reason), to catch up! In fact, remaining Bronze Faction buttons will be up for grabs in month two for runner-ups!


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