New and Improved Role-playing at Mishap Games!

New and Improved Role-playing at Mishap Games!

Big changes are here for RPGs at Mishap Games. We are upgrading our RPG area in the next couple weeks:

  • New 4" foam chairs with book shelves underneath
  • A new customized GM swivel chair
  • A repainted and refinished table
  • New decorations
  • A set of fully painted dungeon tiles, cavern tiles, and miniatures
  • Sorted terrain and mats for RPGs with storage area
  • A set of tokens for the more popular games like 5th ed D&D, including status tokens and spiffy metal inspiration tokens.
  • Permanent table tents for your player name and character name
  • Wet erase drawing sets with markers, rulers, and circle templates
  • Whiteboard for the GM to use
  • Dice tower and initiative tracker

And we aren't just upgrading the play area, we are also completely retooling RPG events hosted at the store.

  • GMs for events will be paid employees
  • Events every day!
  • Over half our events have a new player focus
  • Clear event descriptions with each session created in advance so you know how long the campaign will last
  • Campaigns will be short and to the point: 2-4 months at most. Then the event will restart, provide a jumping on/off point for new players to enter, or be replaced with a new event.
  • To compensate the GM, there is a small fee. The normal fee if yo usign up is $5 per player per session.
  • If you sign up for an entire run of events in a campaign, the fee is reduced to $4 per player per session
  • If you show up for the event without signing up in advance, the fee is $7 per player per session. Remember you can sign up as late as just a few hours before the event.
  • Tables strictly limited to 6 players (plus one GM) or less. Some events might have a lower cap.
  • Extended store hours on the weekdays to 10pm to fit in a 4 hour session.

Sounds great right? We hope you'll be as excited about our new events as we are. Without further preamble, let's go over the starting line up of events. Remember, these events are short (2-4 months) and the shorter events will be cycling out as early as October. We are always on the hunt for new GMs and events (Shadowrun anybody?)

  • Monday evening is Elliot's Fate Group, Trouble in Taiwan. It begins on Sept 10 and runs from 6pm-10pm.  Sign up for the first session.
  • Tuesday evening is The Tuesday Knights with Chris. Chris is running 5th ed D&D  using Adventurers League style rules and is starting with Dragon Heist. His first session is Sept 11th and runs from 6:30pm - 10pm. Sign up for the first session .
  • Wednesday evening is Pathfinder Playtest with Jason. Jason is running the Doomsday Dawn scenario and plans on continuing through until the launch of Pathfinder 2nd ed. His first session is Sept 5th and runs from 6pm-10pm. Sign up for the first session.
  • Thursday evening is The Lost Mines of Phandelver with the store owner, James. This intro game of 5th ed D&D is aimed for new and lightly experienced players over 18. Un der 18? Try the Friday group with Travis below. The Thursday Phandelvers start Sept 13th with an intro session about character creation and runs from 6pm - 10pm. Sign up for the first session.
  • Friday evening is The Lost Mines of Phandelver with Travis. This series is for kids 11-18. The intro session starts Sept 14th and runs from 6pm-10pm. Sign up for the first session.
  • Saturday afternoon is a rotating slot of Descent and tutorial classes. Check the calendar to see what's available each week. Upcoming classes include Very Beginner tutorials for players, Intro to Dungeon Mastering, Tips and Tricks swap meets, and hobby information.
  • Saturday evening is a mystery game run by Elliott. He is heavily leaning towards the brand new Legend of the Five Rings RPG, but has a backup in place in case the release is delayed. It starts Sept 22nd and Runds from 5pm-9pm. Sign up for the first session. 
  • Sunday afternoon is Imperial Assault with Jerrelle. This fun and fast game is a crossover from boardgame to RPG to miniatures game. Jerrelle will be running the game in full co-op and has a wonderfully painted set of miniatures and tiles ready to go. This game is drop-in/drop-out all the time. The first session is Sept 9th and runs from 12pm - 4pm. Sign up for the first session
  • Sunday evening is an intro D&D 5th ed game with Aaron. Aaron is running a short and custom campaign only 5 sessions long. Great for brand new players or folks looking to meet other role-players. The first session is Sept 2nd and runs from 5pm-9pm. Sign up for the first session.

And that's the starting lineup! Most games will be wrapping up before Thanksgiving, where we will probably have a short break before starting new session. Confused by the new system or excited? Let the store know any comments or concerns that you have. And please let us know if you would like to run a game.


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