Warhammer 40K Escalation League in Full Swing

The Second month of the League has kicked off with a good showing of players and armies. We also had some new players out to join the league!

That is right! It is not too late. You can jump in and join in the fun!

We just completed rules and restrictions for the full 6 month league and everything was designed for an enjoyable experience.  The goal of course is to start a new Army and continue to build, paint, and play it over the course of the league. Only three games are recorded for scoring purposes during an entire month, so you don't need to worry about the league taking up too much time or interfering with your other games.  If you got nothing but time, feel free to play as much as you want, but only three games count towards League Points.   Check out the rules below if you are interested.

This League will run for 6 months. Each month will present its own restrictions on list building and points value. Players are required to play 3 games each month. A fourth game is allowed to be played if another League Player needs their 3rd Game (Record all four, only the highest 3 will be used for scoring).


Month 1:  500 Points

Month 2:  750 Points

Month 3: 1000 Points

Month 4: 1250 Points

Month 5: 1500 Points

Month 6: 1750 Points  


Eternal War Missions (pg 129) will be played for months 1-3

Maelstrom of War Missions(pg 129) will be played months 4-6


---Overall Army Restrictions---


Each player upon signing up for the league must pick a single primary faction (E.x. Space Marines, or Blood angels, or Orks). This Faction must always have a detachment that is your primary detachment (thus also having your warlord in it).


The same army list must be used for the entire month/point tier.

The army list may be changed at each month/point tier (bring a copy of list for the notebook).

Bring 2 copies of your list to each game for you and your opponent.

The same army book must be used the entire league (allies from another book may be added starting the 3rd Month).


Finally each army may include up to 1 forgeworld unit. Forgeworld detachments are not allowed.


---Army Restrictions---

Restrictions do not follow to the next points value. Each of the rounds’ restrictions are completely independent of each other.


--1st and 2nd Months   (500-750 Points)--

-No Allied Detachments

-No Lord of War units are allowed

-No Fliers or Flying Monstrous Creatures

-Only Combined Arms Detachment allowed (“Start Collecting” Box formations are allowed)


--3rd Month (1000 Points)--

-No​ ​Allied​ ​Detachments

-No​ ​Lord​ ​of​ ​War​ ​units​ ​are​ ​allowed

-Only 1 Flyer model or Flying Monstrous Creature


--4th Month (1250 Points)--

-Allied​ ​Detachment​ ​is​ ​limited​ ​to​ ​250​ ​points

-No​ ​Lord​ ​of​ ​War​ ​units​ ​are​ ​allowed


--5th Month (1500 Points)--

-Allied Detachment is limited to 500 points

-A​ ​Lord​ ​of​ ​War​ ​unit​ ​(that​ ​is​ ​NOT​ ​Gargantuan​ ​Monstrous​ ​Creatures,​ ​Super​ ​Heavy​ ​Walkers,​ ​or

Super​ ​Heavy​ ​Vehicles)​ ​is​ ​allowed​ ​but​ ​restricted​ ​to​ ​1​ ​unit​ ​only


--6th Month (1750 Points)--

-Allied Detachment is limited to 750 points

-Lord of War units that are also Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures, Super Heavy Walkers, or Super Heavy Vehicles are allowed but restricted to a 1 unit only


Games are decided by victory points.

League is decided by league points


League Points will be recorded in the notebook by your opponent and verified by you.

If your opponent does not record your points, you have lost them.


Full Win - win by 2 or more control points = 4 League Points

Win - win by 1 control point = 3 League Points

Tie - 2 League Points

Lose - 1 League Point

+3 League Points for each unit or vehicle painted painted 3 colors and based during league

+1 League Points for each independent character painted 3 colors and based during league

+5 League Points for all models painted 3 colors and based prior to and independent of league (one time)


---End of Escalation Event---


An event will be scheduled at the end of the League.

This will either be an Escalation League Tournament, a Narrative Campaign, or Combination.


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