Joy of Painting with Travis

Joy of Painting with Travis on January 21st

We have received requests from several people to have another painting tutorial day with our local miniature painter Travis.  We will be trying something different than the last basic class based on some of those requests.  On the 21st of January, Travis will be offering 1 hour painting tutorial sessions catered to the customers desires.  There will be a total of 5 sessions of one on one questions and instruction.  SPACE IS LIMITED. Spectators allowed, but no interuptions. 

Bring in your particular project.  It could be any miniature from any game! Do you have a reaper miniature for your favorite RPG?  Is it a Gamesworkshop model that you want to look just right? Are you hoping to get your board game miniatures done to impress your frinds? Travis will help you get the effect you want. It could be the basics like priming, basecoating, drybrushing, and washes.  He can help you with layering, edge highlighting, two brush wet blending, sketch painting, painting faces and eyeballs, painting gems and lenses, metalics,and basing.

He can demonstrate different brushes, palletes, tools for pinning models, choosing the right primer for the job, different brands of paints. 

Sign up for a spot now!  Please post what model or technique you are interested in so Travis cn be prepared to help you out. We know that things pop up. If you can't make it, please drop from the event ASAP to make room for another.  

If the turn out continues for these events, we will continue to offer this tutorial at least once a month.



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