Malign Portents Hobby Painting Competition Results - Month 1

Malign Portents Hobby Contest Results - Month One


Hey guys, thanks to everyone who participated in Month One's Hobby Contest for Age of Sigmar's Malign Portents (2/25). Everyone did a fantastic job on their Starter sets, and some prizes were even given out, too! The entire Mishap Games Staff also participated, although not competitively. View all of our entries below, along with our 1st place winner Zach B. who painted a fantastic Sylvaneth Starter Set, and our runner up contestants Johnnie N., Stephanie W., Aaron S. who also won prizes based on the Most colorful, Best Painted Leader, and Best Basing. Our Employee entries can also be viewed below (and if you need any help with Month 2, don't hesitate to come in and ask us for help or advice!) We can't wait to see what masterpieces await Month Two, which is due on March 25th at 12:00PM sharp. You can sign up or view more details for the event here. And remember, all models must be purchased from the store, and will be offered at a discounted rate for those participating in Malign Portents. Thanks guys!



Our 1st Place Winner, Zach B.


Runner-Up Contestant, Stephanie W.


Runner-Up Contestant Aaron S.


Runner-Up Contestant Johnnie N.


Jarrett L.


Dusty G.


Jesse A.



Employee Entrees!


James D.


Travis T.


Rebecca L.


The author

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