Malign Portents - Dread Solstice - An Age of Sigmar Global Campaign

Malign Portents - Dread Solstice - An Age of Sigmar Global Campaign

What is the Dread Solstice?

It is the latest development in the Age of Sigmar timeline, a small series of products, a global campaign, and an awesome community activity. Between Thursday February 15th and Thursday the 29th of March, we are going to run this global web campaign where you can fight it out to determine the next step in an evolving storyline. Every battle you fight and every new warscroll of miniatures you purchase and paint count toward the results.


How You Can Take Part!

Head to the store and grab a score card. The score card keeps track of games you play and units you purchase and paint. Then start playing and start painting!

We will have premade events every Wednesday and Sunday. We recommend playing Skirmish games using the awesome Skirmish rules set and supplement in the Malign Portents campaign book. But, you can play full size games of any size you like as well as create events throughout the week if you can't attend Wednesday or Sunday.

After playing your games or purchasing and painting your miniatures, you get to report your points to the global campaign. Read the website each week to see the current choices. Then report your points towards one of three outcomes: The Skull, The Eye, and the Drake.

For more information about the global campaign, check out this preview:


Each week you participate, up to a maximum four weeks, you get a new button for each of the Grand Alliances. While supplies last
Fill out all 5 "Play a Game" checkboxes: Receive a warscroll card for the Harbinger of your choice. While supplies last.
Fill out all 5 "Paint a Warscroll" checkboxes: Receive a postcard from beautiful Shyish. While Supplies Last

The Timeline

Feb 15 - Feb 22: Week 1
Feb 22 - Mar 1: Week 2
Mar 1 - Mar 8: Week 3
Mar 8 - Mar 15: Week 4
Mar 15 - Mar 22: Week 5
Mar 22 - Mar 29: Week 6
Mar 31: Results Published!


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