New Age of Sigmar Battleforce Armies 

"Shadows lengthen across the Mortal Realms. In every nation, from its ramshackle hovels to its soaring keeps, dark omens abound. The elders say there is change on the wind, and not for the better. Sigmar’s great endeavour, to light the fires of civilisation once more, has borne fruit – but in turn brought dangers of its own." - Malign Portents Homepage

Get ready for our 3 month long Malign Portents Hobby Event with these 4 New Armies for Age of Sigmar. More information about the event will soon be announced such as the dates, times, and details -- make sure to keep an eye out for it on our event calendar in the next few weeks. These Army Box Sets are known for their high model counts -- making collecting and building them much more simple. Even as a new player, each set contains the full force you'll need to play Age of Sigmar. As an added bonus, each of these boxes contain a Warscroll Battalion. These kits come unpainted and unassembled, allowing for unique customization of each miniature for whatever you desire. All 4 of these amazing Battleforce Armies are now available at Mishap Games for $170.00, pick up your copy today! 

For more information about Malign Portents officially from Games Workshop, click here.


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