New Strategy Board Game: Charterstone

Charterstone: A Village Building Legacy Game

The prosperous Kingdom of Greengully -- ruled for centuries by the Forever King, has issued an order to its citizens to colonize and explore the vast regions beyond its borders. In efforts to start a new village, the Forever King has tasked 6 citizens with unique sets of skills they will utilize to build their characters. In Charterstone, players construct buildings and populate this new village for the King. Building Stickers are added permanently to the game board to use as action spaces for all players to use -- this allows for the beginning of the game to be just a few workers with simple actions that grows over time into a very busy village with dozens of complex actions. Discovering all of the secrets of Charterstone lasts around 12 games, however the fun does not stop there! The completed village becomes a one of a kind worker-placement game with a ton of variability when you've finished. This game is categorized as medieval, thematic, strategic, city-building, economic, and as a campaign legacy game that can accomodate 1-6 players, has a recommended age of 14+, with an average game time of 45-75 minutes.

Charterstone the Legacy board game is now available at Mishap Games for $70.00 -- pick up a copy today to start building your village!


(Note: This game was officially released on December 12th, but is new in stock @ Mishap Games) 



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