New Role Playing Game: The Skeletons

New Freeform RPG: The Skeletons

"Years fly by like dead leaves. Everything is darkness. Everything is silence. You stand vigilant before the sarcophagus without thought or breath-such is your compulsion. You do not remember your name and still you watch. The flesh has fallen off your bones and still you watch.

And then one day there is light and motion and you weigh your bearded axe and raise your shield, lusting for the fray, eager to measure your skill against these tomb-robbing children so full of blood. You’ll never be alive again, but in this moment-in the chaos between violation and destruction-you truly live, and you remember what you once were, and you taste the sun."

Channel your inner undead with this new RPG, in which everyone in your group (up to 1-6 players) is a skeleton. Unlike other dungeon-crawler games, players are no longer the ones pillaging tombs for loot and adventure. In The Skeletons, you and your group are the ones guarding it: cursed for eternity to be its defense. As time goes on in this RPG, the environment and its guardians undergo changes. As more grueling battles are fought and won -- the skeletons slowly start to remember who and what they were. Spanning eons throughout time, The Skeletons is described as "melancholy", "introspective", and "unlike anything you've played before". The Skeletons (shown above) is a 60 page 6" x 9" booklet, small and easy to carry around anywhere. This booklet includes the rules for the basic game along with variant settings to play around with -- and it's all you'll need to play. It's important to note that this game is more story driven than combat-heavy, as it doesn't have many mechanics and is more left up to your wildest imaginations.

But for those who love Roleplay heavy games, this one is for you!

The Skeletons is now available at Mishap Games for $15.00, swing by and pick up your copy today.


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