NEW: Star Wars - Destiny Legacies Boosters!

Star Wars Legacies Booster Packs

Expanding on the ever-popular card game, Star Wars: Destiny, this expansion from Fantasy Flight Games includes 160 new cards to explore and play with. This much anticipated set includes new mechanics such as a new dice symbol and card type -- but don't let that be too daunting for you, as this new base set of Legacies is recommended as a great starting point for anyone interested in getting into the game. With a highly anticipated release today (Thursday January 11th), Mishap Games held a fantastic Midnight Release so players could get their hands on Legacies as soon as it came out. Come down to Mishap Games and pick up your packs today, as we still have them in stock but might not for long. Each Booster Pack can be purchased for $2.99, or around $107 for an entire box of 36. 


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