Hobbyween Painting Contest Event Report

Hobbyween Painting Contest Event - 10/29/17

Hey guys! So we finally had our "Hobbyween" Painting Contest from 11:30am - 12:00pm today and it was a huge success! We had about 12 amazing entries total, and a variety of prizes given out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place -- along with secret prizes of store credit given to people if they used the secret color (Chartreuse), the secret item (pumpkins), entered their first models ever into the competition, had the best basing, or the goriest model. Congratualations to Seth, contestant number 11 on winning the first place prize of $20 store credit! Zach B. and Scott G. also had very notable entries, snatching up 2nd and 3rd place for $15 and $10 store credit. All three contestants also received beautiful golden skeleton trophies painted and donated by Crystal Guise, thanks so much Crystal! Here are all of the entries below, and thanks to everyone who participated! We hope to have more painting contests in the future. Make sure to check the event calendar regularly and sign up for the Misadventures Guild!  

Snapshot of our 1st place winner's model, Seth, entry number 11.

Snapshot of our 2nd place winner's model, Scott G. Entry number 1.

Snapshot of our 3rd place winner's model, Zach B. Entry number 3.


Other model entries (in order by entry number):

Model entry number 2, painted by Devin. 

Model entry number 4, also a winner of $5 store credit for using the secret color "Chartreuse".

Model entry number 5, painted by Dusty.

Model entry number 6, painted by Erik G. Congrats on winning $5 for your first painted miniature!

Entry model number 7, painted by Paul F. Congrats on winning $5 store credit for using our secret item, pumpkins!

Entry model number 8, painted by Crystal Guise. Winner of $5 store credit for using the secret item, pumpkins!

Entry model number 9, painted by Travis T. Winner of $5 store credit for using our secret color, Chartreuse.

Entry model number 10, painted by Josh. Great job, Josh!

An entry that was unfortunately too late to judge, however is still brilliantly painted! Great job, Mark!

James taking a tough and close inspection of the models which were labelled anonymously by numbers for the competition.

Contestants eagerly await their results after everyone placed their votes anonymously for 1st and 2nd place. 


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