Coming soon to Mishap Games: Premium RPG Services

Premium RPG Services from Mishap Games

Do you have an amazing DnD, Pathfinder, or other RPG group that you feel deserves something even more epic for your adventures? A little extra "oomf" perhaps, something more immersive than a faded chessex Mat during encounters.. Well, Mishap Games is proud to announce we will soon be offering Premium RPG Services to players, where you can not only play in the Misadventures Guild Room (as always), but you'll also receive the highest quality Dungeon Terrain (3D) and hand-painted models to accompany your official campaign.  

For example, here is a beautiful true-to-the-book immersive dungeon from the Mines of Phandelver campaign in DnD. Have your companions physically maneuver their miniatures through painfully detailed rocky terrain in intense encounters -- with expertly painted miniatures as enemy NPCs to boot. Is there anything better for an ultimate RPG session? Well, actually, yes! For another small fee, players of the Mishap Games Community can acquire the services of a DM, courtesy of our Expert Painter and Roleplay Gamer, Travis T.  This is a great opportunity for those who are just starting out on RPGs, or perhaps for those who may want to take a break from DMing and have a chance as a player for once. These services will soon be available at Mishap Games and prices will also be announced for renting our terrain/miniatures along with the services of our Professional DM. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the release! And thank you to everyone who is a part of our Misadventures Guild Community. You guys are great and truly keep us going.


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