New stock: Iron Dragon, where Steampunk meets Magic..

New Board Game from Mayfair!

"Do you like crayons, but worry that you're too old to use them? Do you have a hard time getting into railroad games, because you prefer fantasy? Have you ever wondered what happens if you put a dragon inside a train engine? Then we have the game for you! Mayfair Games has released a revamped version of their crayon railroad game in the form of Iron Dragon.

In a game designed for 2-6 players with a playtime of approximately 240 minutes and geared for ages 12+, come and play as elves, dwarves, orcs, and more! Backstories are provided for each race in the manual to help with a more immersive play. Meld the classic strategy and resource management of typical railroad games with the familiarity of magic and potions as you explore the fantasy-meets-steampunk world of Darwinina.

Everything you need to create your empire and expand your domain is included. Find erasable crayons, pawns, commodity chips, money (paper, unfortunately), playing cards, and the board itself inside. Race to build tracks, but don't overstretch yourself as the game provides random events that can change the course of everything! And remember, no two games are the same as you create the map anew each time you play!"

Iron Dragon is now available at Mishap Games. Come pick up your (soon-to-be-favorite) Fantasy Railroad board game today. 


This Product Spotlight for Iron Dragon was brought to you all (with permission) by Mara O. Thanks, Mara! 


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