New PirateLab Infinite Boost Game Tote - Only $39.99!

In Stock Now -- New Pirate Lab Carrying Case


This brand new gaming tote is from PirateLab, one of the best companies for cushioning your gaming goodies and making them portable! After all, your board games are very important (and expensive), and no gamer can idealistically carry over 3 board games around without a few trips there and back. This new large foam interior game tote is water resistant from the outside, and allows you to carry multiple games around in one easy move. Being extremely spacious (and safe) for your board games, this Pirate Lab bag can carry up to 6 standard board game boxes (13"x13"x3") and also has an adjustable padded shoulder strap with an additional 12" drop handle. This bag also contains adjustable soft dividers in the center (with a beautiful baby blue interior) for organization and protection -- and also can easily collapse for storage when not in use. The full dimensions of this bag come out to a whopping 27"x14"x9" and the velcro divider in the center can be moved to accomodate larger game boxes. This bag is also extremely well padded with a soft center to protect your game boxes from becoming scratched or damaged.


All in all, PirateLab has got your back with this new Large Infinite Boost Game Tote that is now available at Mishap Games for only $39.99. 


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