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Star Wars Destiny Singles/Event!


That's right guys, Mishap Games now carries Destiny Singles for all of you Star Wars nerds interested in buying (or selling) your favorite cards. We currently carry an entire binder full of Commons and Uncommons, a deck box full of Rares, and a few Legendaries in the glass counter top (with the dice included of course). Our pricing will be based on one of the most popular online sites for Singles, and we will buy your cards for about half the price of MSRP. Unfortunately we will only be buying Rares and Legendaries for the Empire at War set, however, we may be looking for your Commons and Uncommons from other sets such as Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion. We will still be selling the individual Booster Packs for each set along with the boxes for those of you who like to think big!


Pricing is generally as follows (before tax):

Commons - $0.25

Uncommons - $0.50 - $1.00

Rares - $2.50+

Legendary - $10.00+

Booster Packs - $2.99

Booster Box - $107.64


Star Wars Destiny Tournament - 10/1

And don't forget about the Star Wars Destiny Tournament scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday the 1st, from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Entry is $5 for 3 swiss rounds, and a booster pack awarded for each win. For more information or to sign up for this event to get your XP, click here.


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