The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villians -- New Board Game Expansion

The Red Dragon Inn -- Ultimate Fantasy Party Game?

Your gang of wicked plunderers are tired after dealing with heroic and "meddlesome" adventurers all day (along with being exhausted from pillaging the entire countryside). With this new standalone Expansion to the original Red Dragon Inn game, you and 2-4 friends are able to sit back, relax, and enjoy a pint at the nefarious Black Dragon Depths Tavern -- hidden deep within the catacombs below the city of Greyport. What's different about this expansion is that instead of heroes, your band of adventurers finally get to play the villians and have some fun! After celebrating the defeat of your archenemies (and the spoils you've obtained), you all find yourselves at a "wild fantasy party" at the tavern. Players are able to drink, gamble, and brawl the night away: with the goal of being the last villian standing by the end of the night. New (2017) from Slugfest Games via Kickstarter comes The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villians Expansion Box -- categorized by many as a humourous fantasy card and party game. The main mechanics of this game include wagering/bets, good hand management, careful player elimination, and 'variable player powers'. 

The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villians expansion box is now available at Mishap Games for $39.95. This game is recommended for players aged 13+, accomodates 2-4 players, and takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. This Expansion is also fully compatible with all of the previous games of Red Dragon Inn. 


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