2 New Dexterity-Based Board Games - Zoo Ball and Flip Ships!

Newest Dex-Based Board Games @ MG

- New from Renegade Game Studios comes Flip Ships: The Invasion has begun. Flip Ships is a co-op action based board game with a Science Fiction theme where players take on the roles of brave pilots defending their planet from an oncoming invasion. You'll need to "flip your ships" to take out the firepower and enemies who are closing in, and also clear the main objective of taking out the Mother Ship of the invasion. The game comes with 28 Ship Discs, 12 Pilot Cards, 60 Enemy Cards, 1 Targeting Computer Card, 1 Docking Bay Tile, 5 Enemy Mothership Pieces, 6 Battle Zone Tiles, 1 City Health Marker, 1 Mothership Health Marker, 1 Turn Order Marker, 1 Launchpad, and the Rulebook. This game is recommended for 1-4 players, with an average playtime of 30-45 minutes. Flip Ships has an Age recommendation of 8+.

Flip Ships is now available at Mishap Games for $40.00 -- come pick it up today and lead a victory against the invaders!

"It was an ambush. That’s the only way to describe it. The mother ship appeared out of nowhere, creating a massive shadow over the city. Within seconds, wave after wave of fighters poured out of it, filling the sky."

"We're launching the ships we have ready, but they aren't much. Our pilots must fight bravely to defend the planet while we ready the rest of the fleet. Explosions fill the sky, and we've taken some hits, but we won't give up. Will you?" - Excerpt from the creators of Flip Ships. 


Zoo Ball: A Mixture of Sports, Animals, and Action!

- Our second newest action-based board game is Zoo Ball: The King of Sports! This game is a little bit of a different theme from the last one, as this game is centered more on Animals and Sports than Science Fiction. Zoo Ball is a flicking game on a large fabric playing mat with teams that are uniquely customizable, where players tactics' are as important as their skill. Unlike the last co-op game, this game can be played head-to-head or in a four team Free-For-All. The objective of this game is push all of the three defenders through a clear path: or even simply, by pushing your scorer straight to the goal. Zoo Ball can be played with 2-4 players and has a pretty short average game time of 15-30 minutes. This game is recommended for ages 10+ and would be a good pick for kids with the animal and sport themes. Are you ready to face the crowds' cheers, go head-to-head, and become the ultimate King of Sports? Zoo Ball is now available at Mishap Games for $30.00.


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