Quarto: The Abstract Strategic Board Game

A Competitive Strategic Nightmare with a Twist

With a seemingly chess-like appearance with an abstract twist comes Quarto! with a 4x4 board and 16 unique pieces (each piece has different dichotomous attributes via shape, color, height, and consistency). The objective of this game, while sounding simplistic, is to place four pieces in a row that share a similar attribute in common. Sounds easy, right? Well here's the twist: your opponent get to choose which pieces you place on the board each turn! While this game is not entirely new (as the original came out in 1991), the bright and modern new packaging of this classic game make it stand out to any strategically-minded gamer. It's back in stock at Mishap Games for only $34.99! Come get it while you can, or special order your own favorite abstract strategy games via the Misadventures Guild online or in-store.

Quarto! is best suited for 2 players, takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, and is recommended for ages 6+. 



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