New Full-Size Chessex Mats for the RPG Tables / Painting Area

Store Updates!

Hey guys, so you may have noticed we've done away with the giant whiteboard tables for the Roleplay Groups in the Misadventures Guild. Unfortunately this was due to unforseen deterioration on the surfaces of these tables. However, we did order brand new giant Chessex Grid Maps that fit the entire table! We may cut them down a little in the future as they hang a little off the edges, however these should be sufficient for any of your Roleplaying Gaming needs for combat or encounters. Just remember that these mats use Wet Erase Markers only -- and erase with water and a cloth. The old dry erase markers will not work on these mats, so please be careful on what you use on them! 

On another note, come check out our new Painting Area with freshly installed bright lights! You'll never again have to squint to see the details of your miniature models with the new lighting and clean dark surfaces. Don't forget we also have comfty chairs! Ask any of our employees if you want to come to the store to paint -- just don't forget your minis. We also have a few Expert-Miniature Painting employees if you run into any issues or need advice. 



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