Halloween Painting Contest

Halloween Painting Contest

Time for another painting contest at Mishap Games! The theme for this Hobbyween painting contest is any spooky, horror, or gothic miniature.

To participate: Purchase any  miniature from the store starting September 18th. This could be something for Warhammer 40k, a RPG miniature, a scenery piece from a boardgame, or any other spooky miniature. Then, paint the model! Throughout October we will have hobby days where you can learn to paint, swap tips with other painters, or scope out the competition. Check out our new painting area!

You can special order your item, but please get your orders in early.

The rewards: Everyone who participates by getting at least 4 colors and a finished base (if your model is the type with a base) on their model will receive 20% off a single item of the same value or less of the model kit they purchased. On Oct 29th, bring your model in for judging. Judging starts at 12:00pm sharp. Prizes in store credit for the top finishers, categories will be determined by the number of entrants. We also have a list of secret prizes. They will be similar to: "Orange you glad you chose this color?" If you paint a model that's mostly orange, win $5 in store credit.

Small print: Wonder if your model is acceptably spooky? Ask James Dixon at the store. Get it approved when buying it if you are unsure! You don't have to be present on Oct 29th to win the participation prize or the judging prizes, but some of the secret prizes are for in-person winners only. All models entered will be photographed and put on the website. Winners have the option of leaving their model in the display case for a period of time.

Suggestions: Vampire Reaper Bones miniatures, something from Mansions of Madness, almost any Malifaux miniature, Genestealer cults from 40k, Grand Alliance Death from Age of Sigmar.

Sign up here: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/7177


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