The Experiment Continues

So the polls have closed, What's next?

The polls stopped moving after the first 3 days of running and we did get some interest generated!

Here are the results and fair and impartial scheduling:

Age of Sigmar had the Greatest input and the great majority of votes fell on Wednesday. Warhammer 40k generated the next highest amount of interest and had a pretty even spread between Wednesday and Friday.  Bolt Action and Warmachine/Hordes generated just enough interest to warrant the creation of events for Tuesday nights.  Infinity and X-Wing Players will need to continue scheduling their own events.

So here is the Scheduled Regular Events: 

Tuesday Nights - Bolt Action  and Warmachine/Hordes

Wednesday Nights - Age of Sigmar

Friday Nights - Warhammer 40k

What does this mean?

We now have regular events scheduled for each of these games over the the next 4 weeks. They were chosen by our players and with their support these event will continue. There have even been some talk of Misadventurers Guild Perks.  I, Travis T., will take a look at participation at the end of the 4 weeks and determine if the experiment has worked or failed for each game independently.  Those that have regular players stay. Those that do not have regular attendance disappear.  It is up to the players to determine. 

But what if I can't play on the regular scheduled night?

Mishap Games' normal event scheduling and organized play event will still be up and running. Do not worry if the game you play did not land on the night you wanted. There will still be 2 tables available to schedule your own events as normal even during nights for regular scheduled play. Don't believe me? Go ahead make and event at

Other Advice

Be sure to sign up for and sign into all events!

Whether signing up for a regular scheduled night or playing in user created events, talk on the facebook group page at

Have Fun!


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