Dungeonesque: Fantasy RPG with 5E Mechanics

Adventure Awaits! 


Dungeonesque is a Fantasy Roleplaying Game with 5E mechanics optimized for old-school players of DnD.

Inside this Box Set is Two Booklets: a Dungeonesque Player Guide, and a Dungeonesque Gamemaster's Guide.


The Player's Guide has all the rules to play the game -- it includes:

-Five races and the rules to play the standard races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, and Half-Elf.

-Four Classes - Play a Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, or Rogue and advance up to level 15.

Solo Adventure - 'Skull Mountain' adventure with combat encounters that is great for learning, or for solo play.

Spells: All the spells needed to play the game.


Gamemasters Guide: The GM's Guide gives you all the tools you need to run the game, it includes:

- Old School House Rules - Optional to make your game feel old-school (use as many or as few as you want). 

- Mob and Montage Rules - Run mass battles or epic scenes with just a few dice rolls.

- Early Edition Conversions - Tools to convert 1e, B/X, BECM and other early editions to 5e.

- Hex-Crawl Rules - Rules to determine terrain and wilderness features for true sandbox-style adventuring!

- Random Encounters - Includes tables for random encounters by terrain and challenge rating.

- On-the-fly GM Tools - NPCs, Tavern Names, Weather Tables, Hit Locations, Treasure, and Magic Items.

- Bestiary - Over 170 monsters and non-player characters, and much, much more!


Dungeonesque - Fantasy Adventures in a Time of Sword & Sorcery is now available at Mishap Games for $49.95. 



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