Smash Up: Big in Japan Expansion

"Are we turning Japanese? We really think so.."

In the newest expansion of the hit game Smash Up, Big in Japan includes 4 new factions in the east that you've never seen before. (That is, unless you're all caught up on eastern culture via anime, comics, and movies -- then you might be in familiar territory!) This expansion brings the most "Kawaii" version of Smash Up you'll ever see, including four new factions based on Japanese Pop Culture: Anime Magical girls, Itty Critters reminiscent of Pokemon, Colorful fighters reminiscent of Power Rangers, and Godzillas (or Kaiju). This box contains 4 Factions with 20 Cards each, 8 Base Cards, 4 Titan Cards, 4 Card Dividers, 1 Token Sheet, and 1 Rulebook. Smash Up: Big in Japan (along with the main game) is now available at Mishap Games for $24.99. 


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