Travis' Regularly Scheduled Miniature Game Event Experiment

Hey miniature players! I am interested in getting more participation in our miniature game events. If you are like me, you play more than a few.  It has taken some convincing to get the Mishap Bossman (here is looking at you James) to let me try this. If it fails he will get to laugh at me forever. If it works I feel the entire community benefits.  The goal is to have regularly scheduled play nights for the miniature games that our players are most interested in.  I know we all have busy schedules.  I know we have all scheduled events where people don't sign up or don't show up. This will hopefully make sure you don’t have to worry about that again.


The main idea is to allow you to make better plans and play more games with like minded individuals by having a single night of the work week that will have guaranteed tables and guaranteed players. If the games is important to the players they will show up, right?


How will you guarantee that and how will the nights be picked out Travis?


Well, I can’t, and that is why it is an experiment! The biggest thing that will make it work is community involvement from the players.  I want people who are dedicated to their games to show it. If your game night does not work out, it ultimately falls on the players for that game. I do not want to schedule the nights under draconian dictates. I plan to choose the nights of the week by being fair and impartial. At Mishap games we support all games that we sell and we believe playing games sells games, so you will find a number of polls on


The poll will ask you to vote for two nights a week to allow for flexibility, and one night will be picked. I am aware that the same night might be picked for multiple games. I will do my best to be fair.  If the numbers are overwhelming for two games on one night then I may schedule to two games. I’m going to be fair and impartial, so I expect you to be. Don’t vote on games that you don’t play. I know what you play and will fairly and impartially ignore any antics to sway games in your favor.


The polls will run for one week. At the end of that week, I will assess the information.  If there is little interest in a game (less than 4 people voted for example), I’m not going to waste my time with scheduling events for that game. If I got a lot of votes for a game, I am going to schedule an entire month of weekly events for those games.   I’m really trying to support the games that our players love. James and I are going to review attendance After one month of the experiment. If attendance for you game is high, we will continue to make regular scheduled minigame days. SIGN UP AND SIGN IN! You will earn Misadventurer’s Guild Experience as normal.  If attendance is low, we will not schedule a regular day for that game.  


But Travis, what if I can’t play on the night that gets scheduled?


That is ok! Our normal event scheduling will be open as it has stood from the beginning at

Reserve your table and it will be there.  Also Organized Play will continue and Tournaments will continue. Weekends remain open!



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